Going to be down south in June playing Sound and Fury Festival. Extremely excited to hang with friends and enjoy the sunny weather. We may be the softest band on the bill at this gig, which is kinda tight. Come hang and be weird with us. Tickets are on Sale HERE

Also we have a new LP coming out soon. You will probably get to hear some of it real soon.


Big Gig Alert! Last bay area show till the album comes out! Come get freaky in SF proper. Bring whatever or whoever.  Poster design by Michael Bingham.


Playing some gigs down south with some time bands. Will update the shows list and ticket info soon!

Poster for GO4 Gig


Here's a poster we did for the Gang of Four gig. As always with every piece of CREATIVE ADULT art, its complete with a typo because the person who designed it can't spell for shit. Whatever!

Tickets available HERE


Sup Fools-

Playing some shows with SOULSIDE aka: Best Dischord band ever in November. Tickets are on sale now and all the show information is in the left tab with links to where you can get tickets. Also playing a hometown show with our old friends GANG OF FOUR. Info to the left. Flyer coming soon. We've been a little silent lately but its because we've been working. Expect this new fire.

See ya whenever,



Hello !

So here's a quick update since the last time we touched base on this thing. 

We started recording LP 2. It's going well and we're enjoying the process. Unsure when it will be out.

We just released a 7" titled Ring Around the Room for Record Store Day. It can be heard streaming by the kind folks at Stereogum HERE. It's possible all the physical copies are sold out but its available for digital purchase.

Next - We will be joining Ceremony and Tony Molina this summer for a run of shows starting in Omaha, NB ending somewhere in the Bay Area that may or may not be announced yet.  We will also be playing the first date of this tour in Visalia, CA. Tickets are on sale now. All info in the shows tab. 

That should be it for now. 

See ya,




We've been quite busy. 

First off, we decided to put out a split with our Bay Area brothers in WILD MOTH and the pre-orders are available HERE from Broke Hatre (or click the cover art, which was done by our incredibly talented friend Angelina Rodrigues). If you'd like to stream this 7" the kind folks over at Brooklyn Vegan have it available HERE.

Second, we are finally coming to the East Coast and we're very excited to announce that its with our friends in Self Defense Family (Whom we also just announced another split 7"with due on Deathwish/Run For Cover and can be read about HERE) and Makthaverskan. The tour poster is below. 

When we mentioned the insane show in a small space earlier this month, we were talking about a show at The Hemlock with Total Abuse, Face The Rail and Culture Abuse. Unfortunately, Total Abuse ran into some trouble and had to cancel their west coast tour. So this show has been cancelled. But....we DO have a wonderful show to replace this coming down the pipe. There will be more room and it will be FREE. Details closer to the end of the month. Gonna be a crazy one...

Also, we will be joining Sabertooth Zombie and King Woman on two separate occasions to celebrate the release of their records. Details for each of those shows are to your left.

Los Angeles!!! We will be joining MOON DUO (Sacred Bones) for a show at Los Globos presented by Blundertown March 24th.

We have two more 7"s to announce, dates booked to record another LP and more shows on deck. 

Think thats it for now.

Over and Out,


Top Tens/Couple Gigs

Hello again,

Hoping this year went as we'll as you'd hoped it would. Surely better than 2013, right? Lots of music has come out (including our first full length record) and we figure its appropriate to name our personal favorites…so by alphabetical name, here they are:::::::

Anthony Anzaldo

Lykke Li - I Never Learn 
D'Angelo - Black Messiah
Total Control - Typical System 
Aphex Twin - Syro
Prince - Art Official Age
Taylor Swift - 1989
Pharmakon - Bestial Burden 
Caribou - Our Love
Zola Jesus - Taiga
Scalped 7"

Michael Bingham
Flesh Word - LP
Kevin Gates - By Any Means 
The Down House - Time single
Fury - Demo tape
Scalped - 7"
Face The Rail - Learning To Die LP
Obliterations - Poison Everything LP
The Vibrating Antennas - The Length LP
Self Defense Family - Indoor Wind Chimes b/w cottaging 7"
Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire For No Witness
Dark Blue - 7" and LP 
Ryan Adams - Self titled LP 

Michael Fenton
Dark Blue - Subterranean Man 
Dark Blue - Pure Reality
Dark Blue - Just another night with the boys
Vibrating Antennas - the length
Down House - Low
Teal - Dead in the Forest of Pleasure
Ice Age - Plowing into the Field of Love
Nickatine Da King - Bright Future
ASAP - Ferg Forever
Clyde Carson - playboy 
Alborosie - Dub the System

James Rogers
Trust - Joyland
Pharmakon - Bestial Burden
The KVB - Out Of Body
Seekae - The Worry
Electric Wizard - Time To Die
Wolves In The Throne Room - Celestite
Have A Nice Life - The Unnatural World
HTRK - Psychic 9-5 Club
Behemoth - The Satanist
Iceage - Plowing Into The Field Of Love

Scott Phillips
Carla Bozulich - Boy
Ought - More Than Any Other Day
Self Defense Family - Scotland
Silver Mt. Zion - Fuck Off Get Free
Murder City Devils - The White Ghost has Blood On It's Hands Again
Swans - To Be Kind
Hiss Tracts - Shortwave Nights
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Revelation 
Ryan Adams -1984
War On Drugs - Lost In A Dream

So there's that. Thanks for checking in. We appreciate it. 

Oh and also….We'll be playing 924 Gilman Street the end of January to get the new year started with Xibalba, All Out War, Skinfather and Bad Times Crew. What a lineup right? Come out. Mix it Up. 

We're also playing an insanely lined up bill in SF during the month of Feb. Its at a very small place.  So you get the idea.

East coast tour begins March 4th 2k15. Details soon. 

Break Down The Walls,


Shows, Records, Humanity

Hello Friends,

We will be playing two shows this week alongside some friends of ours. Those will be on Weds and Thurs in Santa Rosa and Oakland, California. Flyers are posted below.

In November we will be embarking on a tour of the west coast with our pals in Self Defense Family and Wild Moth. We'll be announcing some 7" pre-order information about a week before that, so keep an eye out. 

We have other 7"s at the press as well while starting to write a new LP. Still looking at the East Coast and Europe.  

Hope Yr Good,


Hello. Hello. Hello

 We've added two new shows. One being in LA at The Bootleg Theater with the mighty OBITS (Sub Pop) and Toys That Kill. For some reason we arent opening even though all reasoning says we should? No matter.

 The other show will be in Santa Rosa with our friends in The Coathangers and Ex-Cult. Sure to be a good time as I (guess who) am a personal fan of both bands. Santa Rosa's Creep Beat will be opening that show joined by Zig Zags who are on tour with Ex-Cult. Should be a good time.  Will post a flyer for this ASAP. 

A friendly reminder we will be playing the Elbo-Room in SF July 9th with friends Wild Moth, Creepers and Drab Majesty. This show is FREE FREE FREE FREE. Unfortunately 21+ but as its been stated before, let us know if you really need to get in and we can try to work something out. 

Oh....and also we just finished recording a ton (over five but less than ten) of new songs for some splits, Ep's and a single or something like that. Information about these releases will be trickling out in the coming months. 

Currently working on getting some tours set up and trying to beat this summer heat. Better off staying indoors I say. 

Thanks for everything,


Ps. Recent Playlist includes but no limited to::::: Obliterations, The Fall, Loma Prieta, Zed Cutsinger, Sick Feeling, Ceremony, Wild Moth,  Everybody Row, 1234Go! Records, Tony Molina, Antwon, RFC, Torso, Cloakroom, Synthetic I.D, White Lung, Youth Code, Dark Blue (Skins) Blaque Chris and PROFILE. Peace!